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The first time we saw Arthur's naked thighs on Merlin, I actually thought that I was not really watching Merlin, but having in fact a very vivid dream.
The second time, I had to accept the fanservice as it was.
So this is what so much Arthur's nakedness provoked in my troubled mind:

Title: The Naked King
Pairings/Characters: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: PG-13 (but with a lot of nakedness)
Word count: ~2600
Summary: King Arthur has been enchanted with what could be A Very Dark Curse (or maybe not) and Merlin has to save him (or maybe he won’t).
Disclaimer: Merlin is owned by the BBC and Shine. No copyright infringement intended.
Note: There be spoilers for Series 4 in general, but not to any specific plot point, except maybe for 4x05 (because I couldn’t not include Queen Annis)

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Here’s cross-dressing Morgana, drawn for Kinkspiration, round 2:

(Click to see all of it)

Movember is here!
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Author: [ profile] lamerezouille
Title: Convenience
Rating: G
Word count: ~1550
Summary: Queen Annis has always been the fairest of rulers, and now she has to take revenge for a man who was never really King.
Warnings: Spoilers for 4x05
Disclaimer: Merlin is owned by the BBC and Shine. No copyright infringement intended.
Note: A quick (and unbetaed) ficlet as my answer to why Queen Annis accepted peace with Arthur so easily.

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[ profile] lady_ragnell has been handing out three special edition ficlets and I've been one of the lucky ones early enough to make a request, so YAY !

The fic in question is an extra for this fic, which is damn good and my favourite from this author because I'm a sucker for stories of sex-friends turned more !

Enjoy !


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