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Title: Disorganised Crime
Characters: Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Word Count: ~6K
Summary: In Muggle London, heroes end up in jail.

This fic was written for my prompt at [community profile] hp_friendship and is a real delight. It focuses on the friendship between Harry and Neville, and is just perfectly perfect, and everything I've ever wanted.

It's really funny (I actually laughed out loud several times while reading it) and its characterisations of Neville and Harry are to die for. Neville, particularly...*sigh*. This fic can show you all the reasons I love him better than I ever could.

And the conversations they have are so realistic, too. The writing is very simple and to-the-point and is just there to serve the characters.

I really love this and wish with all my heart that everybody would read it and comment and rec and everything!
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Title: The Daters
Pairing: Neville/Parvati
Rating: G
Word count: ~500
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers. No copyright infringement intended.
Note: Part 4 of the Weird Pairing Experience

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So yes, I was kind of bored and procrastinating (again) at the same time and I felt like challenging myself and trying to be original, so I decided to launch my own Weird Pairing Experience.

I've just decided to draw random pairings out of a hat (I literally did that) and to write a drabble on a randomly chosen theme (same method as the pairing) about them, whatever the pairing might be.

a little more explanations... )

I just wanted to amuse myself with this, but if anyone out there wants to do it too, I'm really curious about what other people would do with it, so leave me a comment.


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