Friday, December 30th, 2011

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I did it! I’m officially an achiever!

Very official-sounding thank yous to everyone + a statistic-y recap of my achievements )for her wonderful work in organising this wonderful challenge. Each prompt was for me the occasion of trying to do something new and original (no idea if it worked, but I’m pretty sure I had never read any H/D involving Barack Obama before) and to manage to do it in not too many words (which is hard because I tend to babble, but easier because finishing something long in a timely manner in definitely not my forte).

The next thanks go to everybody who commented and did seem to find some of my drabbles funny, and I don’t know if they actually exist, but I’d like to thank people who read them but didn’t comment, too. And I’d like to particularly thank [ profile] enchanted_jae, for having commented on every single one of these drabbles, and [ profile] nennefor reccing The Underpants (Day fifteen), thus making it my most popular thing ever. ♥

Also, HELLO! to the new friends I made during this advent period, it’s really nice to meet you!

[ profile] sassy_cissadid this huge and wonderful work putting together a list of everything written for this year’s challenge, and it’s really awesome. I haven’t managed to find time (yet!) to read any others myself, because I made a deal with myself I’d read every [ profile] hd_holidaysentries this year, before realising they were an average of a gazillion words each (plus they’re actually all very good and I’m reccing everything).

And, because I’ve no other reason to do it but because I want to, here are some statistics about my participation in this challenge:

Total of words written: 16 800 (average: 672 w/drabble)
Longest drabble: The Most Powerful Muggle (Day Three) (1200 w)
Shortest drabble: Dinner for Two (Day Eighteen) (260 w)
Number of drabbles with Draco’s PoV: 10
Number of drabbles with Harry’s PoV: 11
Number of drabbles with other PoV: 4 (Barack Obama, Orla Quirke, an OC-from-the-future, and Ron Weasley)
Most recurring secondary character: Hermione Granger



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