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Now that the LDWS is over, I can re-post the three drabbles (real drabbles with real drabble-length, yay!) I got to write for the challenge. It was a really fun experience and there was a lot of good writing each week. Go check out the masterlist!

Title: Through the Dark
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: 350

Okay, right. Breathe in. Breathe out. In. Out.

It’s not so much that Draco is scared. He’s really not. Muggles haven’t scared him since he was eight and his father kicked a homeless one in the street. He doesn’t even dislike them anymore. He can’t, really, when he’s seen during the war how like him they can be: full of fear, desperation, but unconditional hope that things can get better.

He’s just never seen so many at once, and they are all just so overwhelming. They know each other, and they understand each other, and they laugh at things Draco doesn’t find funny at all, namely at Draco.

His knees stuck to his chin, in the dark, listening to laughter and loud munching, Draco wishes he hadn’t come at all. Except that he kind of forced Harry to take him to his cousin’s engagement party. ‘It is a family event, Harry. You have to take your other half with you,’ he’d said. Bollocks. Draco should have shut his gob when it was still time.

At least he’s found somewhere to hide now. Somewhere small and dark and maybe a little cramped, but somewhere he feels safe. He knows that no Muggle, even as drunk and jolly as they all seem to be, would think to come bother him in a cupboard under the stairs.

Still, Draco is happy, fifteen minutes later, when Harry knocks on his door. His anxiety has somewhat diminished and he’s even starting to get a little bored. While it shouldn’t be humanly possible, Harry manages to squeeze his long body in the cupboard and takes a sit opposite Draco.

‘I’m glad you’re here,’ Harry says softly. ‘Dudley insisted I came, but I knew my aunt and uncle wouldn’t be so pleased. Especially after discovering I’m a pouf.’ Through the very faint light, Harry looks into Draco’s eyes. ‘I’m sorry you needed to hide here, though. It is not a very happy place. Full of bad memories.’

‘Let’s make new ones, then,’ Draco says in a whisper, and takes Harry’s hand in his.

Harry’s smile is blinding.


Title: Pansy Knows Best
Rating: R
Warnings: Some bad language
Word Count: 444

‘I’m telling you, Pansy, I’m absolutely sure!’

‘Come on, Draco, calm down,’ Pansy says, patting the seat beside her, trying to make Draco sit down. ‘He’s Harry bloody Potter. Why on earth would he need to pay?’

‘So you say it’s possible he’s cheating on me?’ Draco stops pacing and looks at Pansy worriedly, wringing his hands in a very non Malfoyish way. ‘Why would he go to Knockturn Alley if it wasn’t to see a whore? The place has become the Pigalle of the Wizarding World. He was looking very shifty and even used his Invisibility Cloak. He was definitely hiding something.’

‘There’s still the odd dark artefact shop here and there,’ Pansy points out with what she thinks is wisdom. Maybe someday Draco will stop being a drama queen and just start listening to her.

‘No. There’s no way. Harry would never get mixed up with dark artefacts. No, I’m sure he’s having kinky sex with some stranger right now.’ Draco is pacing again and Pansy is glad she’s sitting because he’s starting to give her a headache.

‘Seriously, Draco? Harry “Horcrux” Potter wouldn’t touch a dark artefact with a ten foot pole, but would pay to get spanked in a filthy motel even while he’s got you at home?’

‘You’re right, Pansy!’ Draco exclaims before he lets himself fall in the purple chaise longue with an exaggerated sigh. ‘It definitely wouldn’t be just spanking. It must be something very heavy like BDSM or breath play, or…’

‘Stop this nonsense right now, Draco Malfoy!’ Pansy interrupts. She’s way over irritated by now and would rather they discussed her love life. It’d certainly be more interesting than Harry Potter’s imaginary affair. ‘It’s your birthday soon, isn’t it?’

Draco lifts his arm from where it’s covering his face and looks at her with a dubious expression. ‘I really don’t see what my birthday has to do with anything.’

‘Try to remember very hard, Draco,’ Pansy says in a harsh tone. ‘You’re fifteen and just received a –I quote– “fucking Pigmy bloody Puff” from Grand-Mother Malfoy. What do you do?’

Draco frowns a bit but answers anyway, ‘I put up a list at Borgin and Burkes’s with enough items on it to last me at least until my thirtieth—’ He cuts himself off this time, and a wide smile appears on his face.

In the end, they don’t get to discuss Pansy’s torrid affair with Stamford Jorkins. Draco spends the rest of the afternoon gushing and sing-songing about presents and what a wonderful boyfriend he has. He leaves her flat actually skipping.

For a moment, Pansy wishes Potter really went to see a whore.


Title: The Room
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 295

The first time it happened:

‘Draco, would you mind fetching the Christmas decorations from Walburga’s room?’

‘Yes, I’d mind.’

Harry looked at him, perplexed, but Draco just shrugged. Harry got the decorations himself.

The second time:

‘All right, Harry. Your geriatric elf said my Black family heirloom was in my Great-Aunt’s bedroom. You will have to look for it.’

Harry looked up from his book, but Draco didn’t give anything away. ‘Okay, I’ll do it.’

The third time:

‘Draco, where’s Teddy?’

Draco didn’t look up from the Prophet he was reading. ‘We’re playing hide and seek. He’s hiding.’

‘Well, aren’t you supposed to seek, then?’

‘I can’t find him,’ Draco replied simply. He folded his newspaper, took off his reading glasses and went to the bathroom.

Harry would have liked to talk about it then, but taking care of Teddy needed to come first. He had no idea how long Draco had left a six year old alone in Walburga’s dark and mouldy room.


That night, curled up together in bed, Harry whispered in Draco’s ear, ‘Why won’t you go in Walburga’s room? As far as her portrait is concerned, she seems to like you well enough.’

Draco didn’t answer right away, but Harry could feel him tense against him. ‘It’s not about her,’ Draco finally said, something very vulnerable in his voice. ‘It’s…you said the hippogriff used to live there…’

‘Are you still scared of hippogriffs?’ Harry asked after a short pause, his voice the softest he could manage.

Sensing Draco’s heart under his palm, Harry knew without a doubt the answer was yes, so he didn’t really mind when Draco huffed instead, ‘Housing a hippogriff in a bedroom! I really wonder what your godfather was thinking. The stench will never go away.’


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